OCBC Great Eastern Credit Card

OCBC GE Credit Card is the life-time credit card specially designed for Great Eastern Life insurance policy holders.

Are you amazed by the above privileged? And, say, if you are already a family member of GE Life insurance, Then, getting this credit card is as simple as in below:

Yours SamIValue

Follow the step below as we browse you through understanding!

Step 1: Benefits of OCBC GE Card for GE Policy Holders
  • There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR online payment.
  • Elimination of policy lapsed in case of unsuccessful policy payment transaction.
  • For Traditional policy – pay yearly premium but ENJOY monthly installment without interest charged.
  • Benefits of recurring GE premium policies for the IPP feature
  • ADDITIONAL offers from LIVE GREAT partners e.g. (GNC Livewell, BP Healthcare, Himalaya, OTO wellness etc.)

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Step 2: Process of Income Submission Document/Documents to be submitted

Salaried Employees / Salaried Company Directors (Sdn Bhd)

Permanent Employee:

§   Latest EPF Statement with at least past 6 months contribution

New Joiners:

§   Latest pay slip and bank statement showing salary being credited (to recognize basic salary only)

Commission Earner  (Non GE agent)

Ø  Borang B / BE / eFiliing (with validated receipt of payment to LHDN) OR

Ø  Latest 6 months commission statement supported by      bank statement

Self Employed / Business Partner

Non-exemption from Tax:

§   Latest Form B / BE / eFiling with validated Tax Receipt (inclusive of PCB); AND Latest consecutive 3 months bank statement

Exemption from Tax:

§   Latest Form B / BE / eFiling  showing exemption from Tax AND Latest consecutive 8 months company account’s bank statement

Company Directors (Sdn Bhd)

Ø  Latest Form B / BE / eFiling with validated Tax Receipt (include of PCB); OR

Ø  Latest EPF statement; OR

Ø  Latest EPF statement and Pay slip with EPF contribution + Bank statement to evidence variable income  being credited if not subject to EPF deduction; OR

Ø  Latest 6 months company bank statements (T&C applied)

Civil Servants

With Pension Scheme

§   Latest 3 months’ pay slip and latest 3  months bank statement

 Without Pension Scheme

§   Latest EPF

Doctors/ Surgeon/ Dentists

Ø  Latest 6 months invoices / payslips supported by bank statement  (T&C applied)

Ø  Borang B / BE/ eFiliing (with validated receipt of payment to LHDN)

Foreign bank statement for evidence of income or AUM

Ø  Foreign bank statements from major / well-known foreign banks in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, UK and Australia or OCBC Group of Companies in any other markets.

Ø  Other markets to be considered on case to case by Credit Signer from CCD and this will not be treated as a deviation.

Without any source of Income Documentation

With FD Lien

§   Pledge FD Lien, 1-to-1 basis, minimum RM3k

Without FD Lien

§   Net Personal Asset (NPA) must be >RM1m with OCBC for minimum 6 months

Malaysians working in Singapore or Brunei

Ø  Latest 1 month payslip + bank statement; OR

Ø  Latest 3 months payslip + bank statement (for variable income recognition)

Ø  CPF statement mandatory for Salaried Singaporean and Malaysian with Singapore PR

Ø  Notice of Assessment (NOA) [Non Cored Doc] ( Optional)


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Step 3: Download Application Form
Step 4: Submit the Application Form and Income Document via below

Please email the submission form & income document to info@samivalue.com.my.my

Step 5: Understanding Application Process
Step 6: Claim Process

  1. Please find the claim forms and checklist for claims submission at Great Eastern Life Malaysia
  2. Fill up the forms and submit the documents in person at GELM Head Office Customer Service Centre or the nearest GELM branch office or to your servicing agent.
  3. End to end claims processing of 14 working days from the receipt of last completed claims documentation, subject to the Company conducting any investigation due to suicide or Pre-existing Illness or examining the body and conducting autopsy before making any payment under the Policy.
  4. Total Permanent Disability (TPD) claim payable to Assured Member
  5. Death claim payable to Legal administrator  / legal executor  upon submission of Letter of  Administration / or Grant of Probate. Unclaimed monies after 1 year will be deposited to UMA (UMA 1965 requirement).