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SamIValue (Sam Insurance Value) passionately caters diverse categories of insurance and financial advice (i.e. from life insurance, general insurance, as well including of Rock wills and banking industry) to accommodate your need of financial security in life.

What we serve is the right advise to minimize financial risk and to adopt proper financial management planning, not just with any insurance plan.

We utilize technology-oriented services, so with just a convenient click away, our clients are able to reach us with the guarantee of a fast and convenient service brought by us.

 Talk with our agent now, let your problem to be part of our problem.

Meet Our Team


Sam Ng

Chief Executive Officer(CEO), founder

He started his journey as the life insurance agent under the Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad since the year 2012, before devoting his business with SamIValue, Sam experience in assisting his clients from Malaysia and Singapore, with the reliable consultation for choosing the right insurance plan for them to stay protected safely.

In addition to his professional experience, Sam work has been acknowledged positively by his clients due to his commitment, dedication and professionalism.

Through this, Sam has gained confident in launching his own financial firm, SamIValue in the year 2015, to craft his best idea in providing insurance protection to his existing and potential clients with significant value adding. Added services included General Insurance, Estate Planning, and Banking.

Year 2018, SamIValue proudly to announce the 1st launch in Malaysia on homestay insuranceHostProtect” incorporate with Tune Protect Malaysia and HostAStay Berhad.

With the years of experience and his dedication, Sam believes he can bring an excellence to his clients and create well-deserved security for life with peace of mind for his clients.

Super Group (“SG”)

SUPER GROUP (“SG”) stands as the most elite strategic alliance group in Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Bhd.

SG inception in 1991 and has continued to grow and become the strongest and largest strategic alliance agency in Malaysia. Proudly to say, there are total of 27 agencies throughout Malaysia with total of 6,000+ agents produced by the SG.

Sam is one of the member of SG since from 2012. Together with the team, Sam started his journey as the life insurance agent under the Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad.

With the excellent system and formula provided by SG, we are definitely confident could assist more pioneer to achieve their dream and goals career in life.

Our Mission

SamIValue, denoted as, Sam Insurance Value, as the name speaks, we value the life of our clients and we commit to protect what our client value as excellence as, as safely as, we can.

Our Vision

SamIValue provides innovative, realistic and efficient financial solution to our clients to stay protected financially in unpredictably changing economic world/and anticipate the financial loss.


SamIValue dedicated to provide excellence in financial consultation and insurance plan provision to exceed customer expectation by standing as the market leadership in the insurance firms.

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