Education Planning

A should-have insurance policy to prepare sufficient fund for the primary, secondary and tertiary education

of the children to raise out better education for them.

What we need Education Planning?

Knowing education is important, it is a must to make sure we build the right foundation for our children. However, how do we sure that we are building the right one?

  • Can my salary cater the full course education fee for my kids?
  • In this globalization, Do I afford to send them study abroad?
  • What if the circumstance entered as I can no longer pay for their education in half way of their study?
  • Could I secure my fund till their tertiary education?

If these are your fear, do not worry,

                                                                 scroll down and find out what we have for you…..

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About this policy

Product Overview:

This policy will allow you to cater the sufficient educational fund for your children and build the right foundation for your children.

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