Asset Protection

A should-have policy which protect your business if any problems happen with your equipment or products. The protection is provided for a range of “tragedies” such as damage by fire, storm or flood, or losses by theft of the business assets.

What is Asset Protection?

Organizational asset consists of pubic liability and others hard to maintain assets such as cargo, marine, and other engineering and machines against loss, damage. So, once the damage is impacted:

  • Will it affect the productivity of my business?
  • What sort of maximum delay will be impacted on my business deliverable?
  • What are the extra incur that will expose for my business run when the damage occur?
  • What will be the showstoppers of my business operation?

If these are your fear, do not worry,

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About this policy

Product Overview:

This policy financially provides protection to your assets so that your business to continue with minimum delay, maximizing your working time.

Asset Protection Coverage

This section describe the different coverage protected by the Asset Protection Insurance policy.

All Risk

Who is this for?
This insurance plan covers the risk to your business properties due to fire, crime and natural disasters. 


  •  Damage due to Natural disaster such as Earthquake and volcanic eruption, storm, Tempest, Flood, Gas Explosion, Impact Damage, Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks Apparatus or Pipes, Bush / Lalang
  •  Damage caused by Aircraft, Subsidence and Landslip, Spontaneous Combustion, Riot Strike and Malicious, Falling Trees or Branches and Object
  •  After incident compensation is provided in the events such as Loss of profits, Loss of revenue, Loss of rental, Standing charges, Wages or salaries on payroll basis, Increase cost of working due to business interruption
  •  Crime related incidents to properties such as Theft by actual, forcible and violent entry, theft or attempted theft by a person feloniously concealed on the said premises, Hold-up or armed robbery
  •  Public liability coverage for Bodily injuries including illnesses to any person, Losses or damages to property, Legal expenses incurred in your legal proceeding defense
Machinery and Equipment Insurance

Who is this for?
This insurance plan covers the incidents affected to the heavy machines, operation machines such as engineering machinery and equipment. 


  • Damage to immobile industrial or commercial equipment due to risks such as fire, lightning, theft and external accidental damage
  • Death of or bodily injuries to third parties due to the malfunction of machines
  • Damages to third party properties due to the malfunction of machines
  •  Machinery breakdown at work or at rest and during cleaning, inspection, over-hauling, and removal to another position within the premises (in accordance with the causes stated in the policy)



Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance

Who is this for?
This insurance plan covers the incidents affected to the boiler and pressure vessel


  • Damages to any boiler or pressure vessels or other apparatuses
  • Damages to auxiliaries and surrounding properties
Marine Hull Insurance

Who is this for?
This insurance plan protects the risks related to the marine hull i.e. covers loss of or damage to a vessel or marine or its machinery or equipment 


  • Coverage of the loss or damage to various types of ships or vessels and their equipment,
  •  Coverage of the Hull and Machinery, War and Strikes, Brown Water Hull, Offshore and Support Vessels, Yachts and Pleasure Craft,

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