Medical Insurance

A must-have policy to cover the cost of medical (such as illness and surgical treatments) in any time of tragedy need.

Why we need Medical Insurance?

As of 2017, Malaysia’s MOH says health spending per person has doubled in 17 years. Since the health care expenses are steadily increasing, the questions are:

  • How can we secure our health care expenses adequately?
  • Would we be having enough coverage for our health care maintenance when the time comes?
  • Can we able to afford the medical treatment and hospitalization fees in case oif tragedy?
  • Is our income sufficient to cater the health expenses of us and our loved ones or those who are under our care?

If these are your fear, do not worry,

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About this policy

Product Overview:

This policy provides medical coverage for the insured person that suffers from a serious medical condition.

Medical Insurance Coverage


Coverage Terms & Conditions
 Hospital Room and board Limit per day, subject to a maximum of 180 days per policy year
 Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
 Hospital Supplies and Services As Charged, in accordance with the limit stated by the policy.
 Surgical fees
 Operating Theatre
 Anaesthetist Fees
 Organ Transplant
 Ambulance Fees
 Day Surgery
Outpatient Cancer Treatment
Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
Intraocular Lens
 Accidental Death Benefit
 Executive Second Opinion
 Car Assistance Programme
 In Hospital Physician Visit 2 visits per day
Pre-Hospital Diagnostic Tests

Within 60 days before hospitalization

Within 60 days before hospitalization

Pre-Hospital Specialist Consultation
 Post Hospitalization Treatment Within 90 days after hospital discharge
Daily-Cash Allowance at Malaysian Government Hospital Per day, subject to a maximum of 120 days per policy year
Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment Limit per policy year, subject to a maximum of 30 days from the date of accident
Supreme Assist Emergency Medical Assistance Services

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