Trust & Will Planning

A Trust is a sort of estate planning for an Individual to certify that his assets (i.e. ash, insurance policies, unit trust, properties, shares) are protected and taken care by a Trustee or Trustees for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries. 

Will is a legal document on which you declare of your wishes towards your assets and your plan on how you want to distribute your assets to your bellowed ones who need to inherit your belongings.

Why we need Trust & Will Planning?

One of our worries for today is what will happen to our assets after we deceased.

  • Without a Trust/Will, your assets could turn to a trouble since your loved ones could be involved in a long drawn legal process or fighting in a complex legal battle with other family members. The assets distributed is not settled by you and it would be seized by the government until the final decision of inheritance is made.
  • With a Trust/Will, the statement is clearly defined on who are your beneficiaries, trustees and guardian. There is a legal process to go through before your loved ones can benefit from your assets.

If these are your fear, do not worry,

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About this policy

Product Overview:

This service will  allow you to set up the legal entity to obligately hold and manage the assets for the enjoyment of the beneficiaries during the trust period set by the Settlor.

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